Who We Are
We are a team of industry experts trail-blazing the evolution of outsourced Customer Experience Solutions.

About Us

Activus Connect is a certified, Women and Minority owned and operated Customer Experience, Customer Care outsourcing solutions organization. We operate across the Continental US and Puerto Rico, employing the most amazing Customer Care professionals who work remotely to provide our clients and their customers with unparalleled support.

As a team we live the ethos of Elevating Experiences™, this begins with how we elevate the experiences of our Customer Care professionals, who we refer to as our Ambassadors, and how they elevate the experiences of each customer they touch.

Co-founders Felix and Minerva Serrano have long wanted to do more, to help more, to give back in a more meaningful way and to demonstrate that good business follows a continuum that starts and ends with treating people right.

Diversity is one of our core strengths. Diversity of people, ethnicity, culture, gender, faith and of ideas. And this is essential to us because we believe that in order to provide an original brand of customer care outsourcing, you need multi-dimensional diversity.


Our Purpose

We are in relentless pursuit of creating environments that foster heartfelt experiences, treating people with respect and compassion, and doing right above all else, without exception.  A people company driven to consistently enable the best outcomes, using the best tools with the people we serve.

We have four brand pillars and they drive everything we do. Each of our pillars are both inward and outward looking.

Elevating Experiences is just as much about Customer Experience (CX) as it is about Ambassador Experience (AX). AX is a core differentiation as we are truly and deeply a people company first.

Building Brands is both inward and outward; we are building and growing our brand which is as much about being a great people company as it is about being the best CX outcomes company.

Enriching Lives isn’t just about creating living wage jobs; it’s about enriching (at a cellular level) those we have the honor to connect with. Each interaction is an opportunity to enrich, and this is our life-long mission.

Cultivating Communities is about putting financial skin in the game but it’s also about basic human compassion – doing for others, as much as possible, as frequently as we can.


The foundation of our business is central to everything we do.  Our purpose and values aren’t simply words, they are our guiding principles and true north.

Our Values

Passion is at the heart of our company; we are continuously moving forward, innovating and improving.

Integrity means that we are consistently open, honest, ethical and genuine.

Respect of all people, their diversity, intelligence and contributions.

Authenticity in our actions, our commitments and relationships.

Fun.  If it’s not fun, why do it?

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