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Our success is a result of the amazing Customer Experience Ambassadors that are part of our team.

Elevating Your Experience

Activus Connect is a global leader in Customer Care, outsourced solutions and our success is a result of the amazing Customer Experience Ambassadors that form part of our team.  Our Ambassadors work from the comfort of their remote-based offices, across the US including Puerto Rico.

At Activus Connect, all of our team members are employees (not contractors), working full time, part time and flex shifts.  We provide access to a full suite of benefits including paid time off, medical and life insurance, 401k, access to earned daily pay and many other perks.

At Activus Connect we are all about amazing experiences that start with having a world class entourage of people (hint: that’s possibly you!). You see, we truly understand that the best customer experiences start by having the best, brightest, and most experienced Ambassadors, and this caliber of expert expects more and delivers more.

Welcome to Activus Connect.

Working remotely has never been so cool

The Basics

  • No driving or traffic
  • No potholes
  • No bad weather, yuck
  • No gas or parking
  • Not crammed in a 3×3 cubical
  • No high-school like cafeteria

Adult Stuff

  • Better schedules
  • Better life balance
  • Mutual flexibility
  • We care about our people, in actions & words
  • Fun, your way-at work
  • Respectful = on

Better Compensation

  • We expect more, we pay more – really!
  • Access to earned comp daily
  • Fair benefits, we don’t stretch the truth
  • More control of your personal time, that’s golden

Super Engagement

  • Real-time during all shifts
  • Mobile enabled
  • Live video, chat, email & phone
  • Peers & friends across the Continental US
  • Social media for those who partake

Greatness Breeds Greatness

  • Professionals supporting professionals
  • Customers serving customers
  • Advancement opportunities
  • Better all around!
  • Professional experts providing authentic support

Frequently Asked Questions

Computer Specifications

Desktop or laptop (Apple/Mac, Tablets, Winbooks, Smart devices, Windows Mini PCs, Chromebook and Android systems are NOT compatible)

  • Operation system – Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10
  • All peripherals must be wired (wireless keyboard, wireless mouse or wireless headset are NOT allowed)
  • A separate 19” monitor with 1280×1024 minimum resolution (this does not include monitors associated with an All-In-One (AIO) unit
  • Anti-Virus – Full versions of Windows Defender or Essentials
Internet Specifications
  • Internet speed – download speed 10 MB; upload speed 3 MB
  • Internet service provider (ISP) must be highly stable with no packet loss and latency under 100ms
  • Cable or fiber optics – DSL, WiFi, WiMax, satellite, dial-up, and/or hot spots are NOT allowed
  • Home router wired to PC

* During scheduled worked hours we require internet be solely used for work-related purposes.

* Having reliable internet is the responsibility of each team members, this is a critical requirement and can lead to removal if not met.

Headset Specifications
  • Plantronics – Corded Headset:
    • C300 (C310 and C320)
    • C420 and C435
    • C600 (C610 and C620)
    • C700 (C710 and C720
  • Where can I purchase?
    • Best Buy
    • Amazon
Additional Questions
  • Is Activus Connect like the other call centers I have worked for?
    • A: Nope!  At Activus Connect we take our brand commitment super seriously, we treat our team members like adults, we hold them accountable to adult standards and we provide access to living wages.
    • A: At Activus Connect we are about action, accountability and amazing experiences.  Our team members can work anywhere but they choose Activus Connect because of our values: Passion, Integrity, Respect, Authenticity and Fun – this is what we live and breathe, and we don’t compromise, ever!
  • Is this a contractor or employee-based role?
    • A: This is an employee-based role.
  • Is training paid?
    • A: Yes, all training is fully paid.
  • Are benefits provided?
    • A: Yes, full time positions will be eligible for benefits
  • What benefits do I have access to?
    • PTO: paid time off
    • Medical
    • 401k
    • Access to daily compensation
  • Can I work whenever I am available?
    • A: No, you will be required to provide specific availability and you will be scheduled within said availability
  • Frequency of pay?
    • A: 2 pay periods per month
  • Is it mandatory that I have a webcam, and will I really need to use it for regular management interactions?
    • A: Yes.  We use video-based interactions frequently and in order to work for Activus Connect you will need to feel comfortable with live video.
  • Will I be compensated in the event my internet or electric service is interrupted?
    • A: No.  Your internet and electric service is your form of transportation to work and reliable transportation is absolutely critical.
  • Are there both full time and part time positions available?
    • A: Maybe. Each line of business has its unique requirements and FT/PT will be determined based on business needs.

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