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No matter what channel your customers are engaging you on, how they feel at the end of each engagement is all that matters.

Elevating Customer Experience

Certainly with enough training, coaching and time most people can embody your brand and by extension treat your most valued asset with the level of experience you expect.  At Activus Connect we begin with professionally skilled, life-experienced Ambassadors that understand human connections and the art of Elevating Experiences™.

However, that’s not enough. As part of our Smart Virtual™platform we monitor and score 100% of all interactions to ensure we really understand customer sentiment, compliance and quality assurance.

Customer Care

Treating each customer conversation as an opportunity to build their loyalty and trust is essential to any business. It’s about Elevating Experiences™ that result in connections that last and inspire customers to love and share your brand.

Our Expertise:

We practice what we preach, and that starts with how we care for our valued team members. We don’t believe you can sell great CX without first providing AMAZING team member care!

Activus Connect enables true multi-channel capabilities that meet your valued customers exactly where they want to be met, their channel of preference, whether it may be Voice, Email, Chat, Video or Social Media.

Sales & Retention

Every customer interaction is an opportunity to strengthen our client’s brand. At Activus Connect, we believe a strong brand drives even stronger loyalty, sales and retention.

Our Expertise:

A “No Cookie Cutter” approach. We know each client has a unique set of requirements and we customize each solution to maximize their desired outcomes. We offer smart sales support, cross-sell, up-sell and retention for new and existing customers. Our Ambassador’s training focuses on “speaking the brand” and with our Smart Virtual™ platform powered by AI enabled analytics, we achieve optimal sales compliance and performance.


Social Media Moderation

#GotSoMe? In today’s world it is essential to be monitoring and engaging your customers 24x7x365 on their channel of choice, while elevating and protecting your online reputation. No other channel of service penetrates the hearts and minds of customers, at the rate in which SoMe does.

“Social media statistics from 2019 show that there are 3.2 billion social media users worldwide, and this number is only growing.” (Oberlo, 2019)

Our Expertise:

We develop and execute client specific CX strategies for SoMe and we are well versed in a full range of SoMe conversation platforms.

Unlike any other channel, SoMe moderation is about how to best help customers who are “bull-horning” their questions, comments or concerns across the world via a series of simple key strokes.  Activus Connect’s Ambassadors understand the critical importance of authentic conversations, elevating customer experiences and protecting our clients brand reputation.

Technical Support

The art of interpreting your valued customer’s “technical-speak” and providing a humanizing technical support experience.  Tech-expert or tech-novice, we understand how challenging issues can be and how essential it is to provide the right level of support to customers, while also maintaining the highest standards.

Our Expertise:

Our technical support experts embody the best of many worlds, life experiences, professional technical skills and modern tools, that make it easier to provide efficient help. Couple this with enabling technologies and comprehensive product training and you get Elevating Experiences™.

With our Smart Virtual™ solution we provide your business with,

  • Video enabled live support
  • Tier 1 and 2 technical support
  • Product or platform support
  • High-touch concierge support

The benefits of our Smart Virtual™ Solution

  • Happier and more loyal customers.
  • Enhanced Voice of the Customer (VOC) and customer sentiment analysis.
  • Life-experienced Ambassadors, skilled in Elevating Experiences™.
  • In-culture multilingual support.
  • 100% auto-quality monitoring for all channels.
  • Geographic redundancy; that means you have back up when you need it
  • Seasonal burst capacity.
  • Optimized demand curve staffing.
  • Authentic partnership.
  • Affordable domestic support (that’s right, we said it!).
  • Minority Supplier: WBE/MBE Certified.

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