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Elevating authentic human conversations through the best people and technology.

Elevating Experiences with True Customer Experience

We Get It.  Today, more than at any other point in our history, customers are driving brands to be more flexible, creative, more digitally enabled and dynamic. Activus Connect is born out of this need for a better way to elevate each experience which is as much about elevating the personal experience of our Ambassadors as it is about elevating the experience of the brands we support, and their customers.

Our Solutions

Customer Care

Customer care is about authentic interactions, it’s about Elevating Experiences™ that result in connections that last and inspire customers to love and share your brand.

Sales & Retention

Every customer interaction is an opportunity to strengthen our client’s brand. At Activus Connect, we believe a strong brand drives even stronger loyalty, sales and retention.

Social Media Moderation

No other channel of service penetrates the hearts and minds of Customers, at the rate in which SoMe does.  In today’s world it is essential to be responsive.

Technical Support

The art of interpreting a valued customer’s “technical-speak” and providing a humanizing technical support experience.  Tech-expert or tech-novice, we understand the challenge.

From start-up to scale-up, we know the importance of smart-agility, continual innovation and consistently repeatable customer outcomes.

Customers expect multi-channel, in-language support and that’s exactly what we provide: Voice, Email, Chat, Video, Social Media.

We are experts at delivering the best CX to support your business growth and brand evolution.  At Activus Connect, the brands we partner with and the customers we support are “Our Brand” commitment.

Industries We Serve

Life-experienced, mature and professionally skilled Ambassadors located coast to coast and as far as Puerto Rico.  We successfully serve a broad range of industries because we partner with industry-experts that already embody the brand experience our customers desire .

We understand that each industry has it’s unique set of needs, for us it doesn’t matter if your support needs are large or small we are here to help!


Public Sector




Financial Services


Travel & Hospitality

Internet of Things

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