How We Do It
Smart Virtual™ is the Activus Connect Platform designed to revolutionize how remote-based, work from home, Customer Experience is achieved.

Our Smart Virtual™ Solution

Designed to revolutionize how remote-based Customer Experience is achieved. It has the perfect combination of people, technology and methodologies, unlocking the power of remote-based Customer Experience.

The most complete solution for customer care outsourcing is a disbursed, virtual Ambassador model.  Our customers love the benefits of our Smart Virtual™ platform:

Professional Experts

Geographic Disbursed

Limitless Recruitment Pool

Affordable US-based

Flexible & Scalable

Our unified communication platform is designed specifically for remote-based agents: persistent chat, video based compliance, mobile enabled for access to essential information (access to compensation and scheduling information, contact internal departments, push style communication).

Smart Virtual™ encompasses the latest cloud technology infrastructure, specifically built for remote-based service delivery. Bringing you a secure, scalable, flexible and resilient service.

Keeping our client’s information safe is of our outmost importance. Smart Virtual™ is built with your security in mind.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Ensuring username and password integrity while also supporting compliant standards such as PCI and HIPPA.

Identity Management

Activus Connect maintains control of which users are provided a desktop and which are not, ensuring control over who has access to every element of customer data.

PCI & HIPPA Compliant

Our compliant solutions enable Activus Connect’s Ambassadors to securely handle sensitive data such as payment card data, PHI and PII within a virtual desktop environment.

Enterprise Anti-Malware

Included standard with every deployment in an umbrella fashion to stop viruses from making it to individual desktops.

Elevating Experiences™ when speaking to your customers is what we do, and we speak Your Brand Voice across every channel.

Smart Virtual™ is delivered through a multi-channel ecosystem. Delivering great CX means being able to communicate with customers across all channels and quickly getting them to the right resources to resolve challenges.  It also means empowering our teams with collaboration tools, artificial intelligence and predictive analytics that improve how we Elevate Each Customer’s Experience.

Our customizable omni-channel customer analytics extract insights and measurements from every step in the customer journey.  


Auto Quality Monitoring

With Smart Virtual™ we can auto monitor for quality, 100% of the conversations across all channels, and its behavioral analytics enables us to have a full view of team performance across every measurable KPI, auto-scored for each and every conversation.


Customer Sentiment Analysis

Why are customers really calling? How many times do they actually call to resolve an issue?  What are customers telling us about our products/services?  What are the common objections we are hearing? We have all these answers.


Compliance on Many Dimensions

At ActivusConnect we understand the relationship between interaction-compliance and success, so much so that we measure compliance on each and every conversation.


Top Agent Modeling

We have the ability to assess each call against its optimal outcomes, such that the variance between what actually occurred and what could have occurred, becomes the coaching opportunity for us and our Ambassadors. We are all about data and facts, and there is no better way to understand “what great looks like”.

Great looks better at Activus Connect!

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