Meet Activus


At Activus, we’re leveraging the latest in tech to help people.

Each of our remote-based Ambassadors is dedicated to elevating experiences and supporting customers through phone, email, text, video, chat, and various social touchpoints.

Our purpose is simple: to positively impact lives.

That includes our clients, their customers, and our remote-based Ambassadors.

What that looks like…

For us, positively impacting lives means putting people first by living and breathing our core values—passion, integrity, respect, authenticity, and fun. We pride ourselves on transparency and expertise as we help brands transform customers into loyal brand advocates. As a company, we’re inspiring forward by giving our time and energy to each and every Ambassador, brand, and customer experience.

A woman sits at her desk, speaking with another woman through video chat; remote-based ambassadors
An Asian man in his mid-50s drinks a cup of coffee and works from his iPad; remote-based ambassadors
What Sets Activus Apart?

Our Team

As a certified Women and Minority-Owned and Operated business, diversity is one of our cornerstones.

Celebrating diversity—age, ethnicity, culture, gender, faith, and ideas—lets us employ a team of in-culture speakers capable of genuinely connecting with your brand’s customer base.

Executive Leadership Team

Minerva Serrano

Co-Founder & Chief Financial Officer

Felix Serrano

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Susie Buffam

Chief Operating Officer

Jenny Genge

Vice President of AX Support

Marc Robinson

Vice President of Information Technology

Management Team

Dawn Nash

Director of Recruiting & Enculturation

Nichole Osborn

Director of Learning & Development

Maritza Ramos Class

Finance Director

Chris Ann Herron

Head of Program & Workforce Management

Paul Petersen

Head of Operations

Sofia Alemany

Social Media & Payroll Manager