Customer Experience Outsourcing.

That's what most companies call transforming customers into loyal fans through the power of human connection.

At Activus Connect, we prefer to call it SmartVirtual™.

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What is SmartVirtual™?

SmartVirtual™ means empowering people to connect through genuine, positive customer service experiences across a variety of digital and real-world channels.

Geographically-dispersed. Regionally-relevant.

With Activus Connect Ambassadors in 48 states and Puerto Rico, we provide local solutions, no matter where local is. So when you’ve got a problem in Boston, your CX rep doesn’t sound like they’re sipping Mai Tais on the beach 10,000 miles away.

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SmartVirtual™ Solutions

We didn’t just reinvent the wheel. We also found smarter ways to use it. Our SmartVirtual™ platform is how we’re revolutionizing at-home customer service.

CX Happens

Every time your customers dial your number, visit your site, or chat with your help desk, they're experiencing your brand. Activus Connect Ambassadors are here to make sure that those experiences are positive.

Elevating Experiences

We’re not just filling seats and checking boxes. We’re empowering our Ambassadors to build careers in customer care. When we elevate our virtual workforce, they’re able to elevate your customer experience.

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Inspiring Forward

Activus Connect is committed to making the world a better place, one cause at a time.

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