Experts in Action
We are a people business who is driven to create the best working environments for our team members; and the best experiences for the brands we represent and their customers.
Elevating Experiences
Activus Connect is a provider of outsourced Customer Experience Solutions, delivered by remote-based Ambassadors.
Building Brands
One conversation at a time,  the Activus Connect SmartVirtual™ platform offers fresh ways to attract, serve and retain customers. 
Enriching Lives
At Activus Connect we believe great CX (Customer Experience) starts with amazing AX (Ambassador Experience).  We are on a relentless mission to be the best employer of People Experiences, in the world.
Cultivating Communities
As a provider of outsourced Customer Experience Solutions, our most valuable asset is our world-class team.  At Activus Connect, we are committed to supporting our team members and the communities we live in.
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Who We Are

Activus Connect is a Customer Experience Provider (CXP) of outsourced solutions for brands who understand the value of authentic, human conversations and the blend of technology and people in delivering outstanding outcomes – happier, more loyal consumers, who share with others the products and services they enjoy.

“We are a global Customer Experience Provider, the new standard in BPO”

How We Help

Activus Connect is leveraging best-in-class technologies to enable our Ambassadors to respond in efficient, friendly and endearing ways leading to deeper customer relationships. Our heart and soul is empowered humans who are born to be kind, helpful and positive. We believe the world is ready for more happiness!

“We measure customer sentiment, compliance and quality on 100% of our conversations”

How We Do It

Fundamental to Activus Connect’s turn-key Customer Experience outsourcing solutions are life-experienced Ambassadors who are geographically dispersed and uniquely skilled to provide customer care, sales and technical support – via phone, email, text, video, chat and social touch points.

“Smart Virtual™ is designed to revolutionize how remote-based Customer Experience is achieved”

Engage With Us

We Get It. Today, more than at any other point in history, customers are driving brands to be more flexible, more creative, more digitally enabled and more dynamic. Activus Connect is born out of this need for a better way to elevate each experience, which is as much about elevating the personal experience of our Ambassadors as it is about elevating the experience of our clients and their customers.

“We live the ethos of elevating experiences


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